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Information for New Tenants

Security deposit- Security deposits are due when you sign the rental agreement. Security deposits cannot be paid through the tenant portal. They must be paid by check, cash or money order. Please make your check out to Black Bear Rentals, Inc. You can bring or mail a check to:

56 Central Avenue, Suite 205
Asheville, NC 28801

Pet Deposit– If a property allows pets, you will be asked to remit a $300 pet deposit (per pet) at the time of move in. This deposit is refundable in most cases. However, we have carpets professionally cleaned after a pet has been there. We often have to treat for fleas. These are both tenant expenses. If you are found to have an unauthorized pet at your premises, there is a fine as outlined in your rental agreement.

Rent– The first month’s rent is due upon move-in (or possibly a pro-rated amount.) Rent can be paid by check to Black Bear Rentals, Inc. or paid online through a tenant portal. You will receive the tenant portal by email once you are in our system.
***Security and rent cannot be paid with the same check. We will need a separate check for each. (However security and pet deposits can be written together.)

Keys- Keys must be picked up in our office. We cannot surrender keys until all the rental agreements are signed (by tenants as well as co-signers, if applicable) and all security and rent is paid in full.  We can arrange to place a lockbox or meet at the property, as needed.

Utilities– Unless otherwise stipulated in your rental agreement, utilities are the responsibility of the tenants. You need to make these arrangements in advance. Be aware that the utility companies will not transfer accounts on the week-end. You become responsible for the home at the beginning of the lease term, even if you do not move in for 2 weeks. If you do not transfer the utilities into your name in a timely fashion, you will be responsible for any charges associated with the account starting from the beginning of the lease term, (i.e. re-connection fee).  We will then charge your account for the pro-rated amount of those days that you were responsible. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THE UTILITIES ON FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF YOUR LEASE AGREEMENT, EVEN IF YOU MOVE OUT EARLY. IF IT IS WINTER AND YOU NEED TO HAVE THE WATER AND/OR HEAT TURNED OFF, YOU MUST HAVE THE HOUSE WINTERIZED.

Oil/Propane gas– You will be responsible for leaving approximately the same amount of oil or propane in the tank when you leave, as you found when you began your lease term. If you run out of oil, it will be your responsibility to pay for the service call to get your furnace operating again after the oil has been delivered. If your furnace stops working and it is determined by the service tech that it is not working due to the oil level being too low, you will be responsible for that service charge. You should not let the oil level in the tank fall below 10 inches.

**Bio-fuels are not allowed in any of our homes. Unfortunately, Bio-fuels can damage older furnaces and HVAC repair companies will not warranty their work if you are using Bio-Fuels. Damage to a furnace due to the use of Bio-Fuels will be a tenant responsibility.

Move in inspection form– This form is to protect you. Fill it out with items that you see in the house that you do not want to be held responsible for at the end of the lease term. If there are items that you feel need to be addressed or repaired, you can put them on the form (but it is also a good idea to fill out a maintenance request, using the tenant portal. We will return this form to you at the end of your tenancy.

Maintenance– All maintenance items need to go through our website. You can make a maintenance request through the tenant portal. This gives us (and you) a record of the request. If you cannot access the website, an email to is an alternative. If there is an emergency, of course you can call us, but please follow up with a formal maintenance request. A text or a message to our phones does not always insure a prompt response. If a maintenance request is not an emergency please call during business hours: M – F,  9 – 5.

Lawncare – If you are responsible for lawn care, gutters and/or landscaping at your home, that means that you need to mow the grass, remove leaves, trim vines that might be climbing up the house. Gutters need to be kept clear of leaves and debris. You can do this yourself or hire someone. We can give you recommendations of people that are reliable and reasonably priced. If your lawn is not being maintained, we will give you a reminder, if still unkempt, we will have it done on your behalf. You will be charged for this service. Allowing the yard to become overgrown is not an option, as it can be very costly to return a yard to its original condition.

Renter’s Insurance – This is required for all tenants. It protects you from loss if there is a fire, smoke damage from a furnace malfunction, etc. Most policies will provide reimbursement for a hotel room if you are displaced. Please send us a copy of the declaration page as soon as possible.

End of your lease term – I know it seems a long way off, but please remember to give us 30 days notice if you are planning on not renewing your lease. We will need to schedule showings of your property to prospective tenants before you move out. The showing agent will contact you to schedule showings and will always give you notice. You will be required to keep your utilities on through the end of your lease term, even if you move out early.

revised 10/9/2017